Mission and Goals


  • Assisting in meeting Jordan’s development needs, by enhancing the effectiveness of its educational and training system.


  • The development of national human resources (article three of by-law).


NCHRD engages with various public and private sector institutions, on the national, regional, and international level, in Jordan and the Arab region, in the following key areas:

  • National, regional and international academic dialogue and exchange forums, on various aspects in the education spectrum and human resource development.
  • HRD data-informed policy and strategy development
  • Project-related studies for educational development
  • Project-related studies for educational development
  • Monitoring and evaluation of educational reform plans and projects, including meeting the desired development and labor market needs.
  • Consultancy and training in human resources development and education.
  • Joint-projects with local, regional and international organizations and institutions, to support the fruition of different aspects of the education reform plans.