Trainees selection criteria

The project targets community colleges graduates (diploma holders), particularly graduates from fields of study with saturated demand in the labor market, who end up unemployed

The main criteria to accept a trainees to join the program are the following:

  • Jordanian nationality.
  • Age less than 45 years old.*
  • Not participant in Social Security Corporation or Retiree.
  • Holding a community college diploma in educational professions.
  • They have the desire and the willingness to implement the project instructions.
  • • Accept enrollment professions offered by the labor market or set-up private businesses
  • Be human cases in accordance to Civil Service Bureau law, or live in poverty pockets.
  • Commitment to regular attendance, and accept the incentives provided by the project.

*If age is over 45 years, they will directed to the Development and Employment Fund to assist them in obtaining fund to setup their own private businesses.