8th Conference of the Scientific Association of Human Resource Development Research Centers

Conference title: "Human resources in the Arab world between resettlement and displacement"

On behalf of His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal, Dr. Adnan Badran inaugurated on Wednesday 16/10/2019 the 8th Annual Conference on Human Resources in the Arab World between resettlement and displacement, organized by the General Secretariat of the Association of Human Resources Development Research Center in the Arab World. , With broad Arab participation.

The conference, hosted by Princess Sumaya University for Technology, organized and supported by the Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils under the umbrella of the League of Arab States, aims to research scientifically on issues related to the migration of Arab minds and attitudes of Arab youth towards this phenomenon and the role of the concerned authorities in the localization of the resource. Arab human beings and their investment.

At the opening ceremony, Badran said that 54 percent of Arab students studying abroad do not return to their countries of origin, noting that Arab minds have been grown in the Arab world at high cost, but their results have been harvested in the Western world.

He called for supporting the national program launched by HRH Prince Al-Hassan Bin Talal years ago to reverse the migration of Jordanian minds and build a partnership between Jordanian scientists and technicians abroad and their counterparts in Jordan by establishing a network of Jordanian scientists and technologists in Jordan. Outside as "JoSTA".

He explained that the network was able to contact more than 150 Jordanian scientists and technology abroad, and linked 50 of them with their counterparts at home, stressing the importance of supporting and activating the network by holding an annual scientific conference in which Jordanians participate with their counterparts abroad.

He said that 50 percent of Arab doctors, 23 percent of engineers, and 15 percent of scientists from all Arab competencies emigrate to Europe, the United States and Canada in particular, noting that there is no Arab strategy to return Arab minds to the country. Arabic.

Badran considered that the Arab universities and scientific research centers have failed to attract our scientists, researchers and intellectuals, considering that the phenomenon of brain drain smart minds in the Arab world continues as a result of a large number of political, economic and social factors in the Arab countries.

In turn, the Secretary General of the Scientific Association for Human Resources Development Research Centers in the Arab World, and the President of the National Center for Human Resources Development, Dr. Abdullah Ababneh, stressed the importance of the issues of nationalizing Arab human resources according to a clear Arab strategy, as the main entrance to the goals of sustainable development. The need to attract immigrant competencies in the context of motivating, caring and incubating Arab environments.

Dr. Ababneh pointed to the importance of maximizing the return on investment in its human resources, and the need to create Arab spaces that promote the creation of a new state of intellectual awareness, and push the Arab immigrant competencies to return and engage in the development process and participate in shaping the future of their countries.

For his part, the General Coordinator of Links in the Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils, the Representative of the Secretary General of the Union, Dr. Sheikh Majzoub, stressed the keenness of the General Secretariat of the Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils to achieve its objectives through the holding of conferences, seminars and training courses that are related to the requirements of the scientific renaissance And technology in the Arab world.

He thanked Jordan for hosting the headquarters of the Association in the National Center for Human Resources Development since 2012.

The President of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Dr. Mashhour Rifai, said that the development of human resources is at the center of the attention of decision-makers in the Arab countries, because of this fundamental issue of great importance in the development, reconstruction and progress in various fields.

Dr. Al-Rifai presented the achievements of the university as one of the leading universities in the Arab region, referring to the international and Arab awards won by the university and its students, following the keenness of HRH Princess Sumaya bint Al Hassan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees "To achieve the third place in the world in the Huawei competition in China, and students of the Debating Club and Thought University at the first place globally in the fifth international championship debates recently held in Qatar.

The conference themes will be discussed through 33 research papers over two days, the migration of Arab minds: motives and solutions, the attitudes of Arab youth towards the resettlement or migration of human resources, and successful models in reversing the migration of Arab minds and resettlement, in addition to the role of the private sector in the resettlement of resources. And how to take advantage of Arab migrating minds to develop human resources in the Arab world.